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What Every Country In the World Is Best At?

They say, “East or West, home is best!” Whether you agree with the statement or not, we can definitely prove that every home country is best at something. To broaden your horizons and to travel around the world without leaving your home and late surprise everyone with the new knowledge you got, pay close attention to this video.
The United States 0:55
Canada 1:32
Mexico 2:16
Brazil 2:45
India 3:22
Nepal 4:00
Pakistan 4:32
China 4:54
Malaysia 5:36


The Philippines 5:54
Singapore 6:17
Japan 6:59
The United Arab Emirates 7:28
Israel 7:48
The United Kingdom 8:26
Ireland 8:55
France 9:12
The Netherlands 9:29

Denmark 9:55
Finland 10:09
Estonia 10:33
Germany 10:49
Austria 11:12

Italy 11:35
Greece 11:57
South Africa 12:17
Kenya 12:34
Ethiopia 12:47
New Zealand 13:20
Australia 13:37

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