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Opinion | A Nation Transfixed by the Kavanaugh Drama

Charles Merrill
New York

To the Editor:

There are too many holes in Christine Blasey Ford’s story. How convenient that she cannot remember pertinent information like dates, locations and names of other people, like who drove her home. Those she did name say they remember nothing about this.

Something happened to her, no doubt. But I think she is accusing the wrong person. How sad that all that needs to happen to destroy a good person is for someone to make an accusation that cannot be proven or corroborated. This is nothing but “he said, she said.”

No one has come forth to corroborate her story, but some have come forth to corroborate Brett Kavanaugh’s story. But I guess that doesn’t count. The Democrats have made a mockery of this whole confirmation process.

I feel very bad for what Judge Kavanaugh and his family have gone through, and for what? So the Democrats get to postpone the vote. We don’t know any more now than we did before.

Darlene Burner
McKinney, Tex.

To the Editor:

I was watching live as Senator Chuck Grassley just put the last nail in the G.O.P. coffin. Mr. Grassley knew this would be the most watched moment of the year. He stumbled and growled his way through a poorly written, tone-deaf, petty, intemperate, belligerent and insensitive harangue. These men literally do not get it. Don’t. Can’t. Won’t.

The very fact that they had to resort to hiring a woman to do their dirty work because they don’t trust their own voices says it all. And now we know why.

Jamie Farquhar Mueller
Shaker Heights, Ohio

To the Editor:

Over 250 law professors who are experts in gender violence, including me, sent a letter on Wednesday to Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and Chuck Grassley regarding the fundamental flaws in process in Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. The letter begins:

“We write to express our profound concern about the plans for evaluating the allegations of Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct that have been announced to date, especially in light of recently emerging claims. The Senate should seek to review all available evidence, including witness testimony relating to all of the allegations raised, in order to evaluate both the competing accounts of underlying events and the nominee’s reflection on those accounts.

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