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What we know about Google Auto efforts since last year has been to modify a normal car to drive itself, but recently Google has unveiled a new direction that will make the car self-driving itself, and presented a prototype and a quick presentation of this model and how to perform on the road.

Although Sergey Brin has admitted that he is not social, we note from his tone of regret something about Google Plus, but the high ambition of Google X, led by Brin’s passion, will change the world, and the self-driving car is one of its eccentric and far-reaching projects.

As we saw in the video posted by Google, the Google Auto does not have a steering wheel or a gas pedal or brake, is a chassis of a car as it is walking on four wheels, but one button operation is the operation button is fully electric and is running so far at a speed of up to 40 kilometers per hour, And for safety reserves.

The Google Auto seats two people and all you have to do is sit down and tie your seat belt and press the power button to go to its destination. The car is connected to the Internet and has a touchscreen that you can use to browse the Internet and do not be surprised that Google comes Android system later to support it.

Working .mechanism google auto
The IEEE Institute published what Professor Sebastian Thrun of Stanford University, who is google auto Google car project with Chris Urmson of Google, said.

Thrun reviewed a video showing how to understand the car or rather the computer inside the cars roads and how to verify the cars and other objects on the road and even the light of the traffic signal and identify the color and interpretation and act on it.

Eng. Urmson says that the laser suspended above the roof of the car is the heart of the system, as Google used the Velodyne 64-beam laser, to generate detailed 3D maps of the environment surrounding the car. The car then collects laser measurements with high-resolution maps of the world that Google already owns and donated. So we have different data models that allow the car to move and control itself and avoid objects that block it or block its way and also understand the traffic lights and stop when required.

google auto

The vehicle has several sensors, including four different radars at the front and rear, allowing the vehicle to see farther than the laser and thus can handle cars coming from afar quickly or on open highways.

In addition to radars there is a camera located next to the mirror recognizes the light of the traffic signal, and there is a GPS device and an internal unit and sensitive wheel that recognizes the location of the car and keep track of the movement on the road.

Google uses high-resolution maps and road details to identify the vehicle where it is now where GPS technology is not enough to determine the precise geographical location and may be a few meters difference and this is unacceptable

Difficulties and reality google auto
The project’s team and even Sergey Brin believe that smart self-driving cars will make our roads safer and more efficient. If everyone uses autos, there will be no big empty spaces on the roads because these cars can talk to each other simultaneously, and most Road accidents are caused by the human factor and not as a result of a fault in the car, in addition to the efficiency of energy use significantly.

And do not think I’m talking in the science fiction when I say that you will be able to enter the future from your smartphone and through a specific application calls your car and send your location accurately and minutes before you find it, was done by Michael Knight in his famous series in the nineties for what he calls his watch. But in the future, this will become a reality as the speed of computing and data evolves and communication becomes more effective among all vehicles.

There are still many obstacles to Google, including what can be solved with time and difficult. For example, you can overcome the problem of laws that prevent the driving of such cars goofle auto or did not evolve to include them or even issued licenses to ride rather than driving because you are actually not led at least in America, there are many technical problems and will continue to conduct experiments on prototypes and development and will benefit from the experience of manufacturers of ordinary cars Even those that are electrified, even if General Motors, for example, is beginning to see a future threat.

We also notice in the video review that it was in an ideal environment, a straight and wide street on a sunny and sunny day, but what about other weather conditions such as rain, snow, night and fog? Will cameras, radars and laser google auto be able to simulate the atmosphere and overcome it? It will be a reliable and practical vehicle in everyday life especially with this low speed, or it will be for certain segments of users such as the elderly or those who have special needs to not allow them to drive normal cars such as blindness and paralysis.

The hardest thing for Google auto is to change the culture, to make people accept and trust the ride in these cars, and here we have to improve the safety factor, which depends not only on its low speed. See, for example, the same challenge of changing the culture that emerged with its smart glasses, which is new to people at first sight, but intensive and intensive marketing campaigns over a whole year have made them more receptive now.

In America, every 13 minutes and 115 people a day die in car accidents. At least 1.2 million people die every year from car accidents alone. Will technology be able to improve human life and save it?

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