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US Government Closure

US Government Closure: Donald Trump announces an agreement to end the longest-running crisis in the country’s history

US President Donald Trump has responded to political pressure to end the longest government closure in US history.

After a 35-day closure, Trump agreed to an agreement to finance federal government agencies for three weeks. But the deal does not include any spending on the barrier that Trump wants to build on the US southern border with Mexico to curb illegal immigration.

The Republican president has vowed not to pass any draft government funding decision unless the budget includes the $ 5.7 billion wall spending that Trump pledged to build during his campaign.

But the Democratic Party, which controls the US House of Representatives, has strongly refused to endorse a federal budget that includes funding for the wall.

What did Trump say?

During White House statements on Friday, Trump said he was “very proud to announce an agreement reached to finance the federal government until Feb. 15.”

Trump added that government employees affected by the government closure, whom he described as “incredibly patriotic”, would receive their salaries in full retroactively.

The number of employees of the federal government in the United States, who were negatively affected by the closure of the government about 800 thousand employees.

Trump also said he would not resort to a “very strong alternative”, apparently referring to the declaration of a state of emergency.

This would lead to military spending directed at the construction of the separation wall on the southern border with Mexico, but it could raise constitutional and legal challenges.

However, Trump said, “In fact, we have no choice but to build a wall or steel barriers,” adding that if the failure to reach a “just” agreement with the Congress, the country would return to the government closure again on February 15 Next February.

“Or I will use my powers under the laws and the Constitution of the United States to deal with this emergency order.”

Later, the US Senate passed a bill to temporarily end the government closure. The draft resolution was passed to the House of Representatives for passing.

The US president accepted the deal after he was informed that the government closure was hampering the work of law enforcement agencies in the country, a US administration official told Reuters news agency.

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