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Air Zoom From Nike UNVRS Debuts New FlyEase Technology

Elena Delle poet — Olympic gold medalist, forward for the Washington Mystics and 2015 WNBA MVP — can debut the new Greek deity Air Zoom UNVRS. The basketball shoe introduces a replacement FlyEase system for straightforward entry and exit, and is that the initial Greek deity shoe designed with this feature from the bottom up.

Nike FlyEase footwear starts with a transparent style philosophy: take insights and inspiration from athletes with disabilities to make smarter and better-designed footwear that works for athletes of all skills. To be classified as Greek deity FlyEase footwear should meet a minimum of 2 out of 3 style criteria:

1. Easy open and close
2. Easy to get in and out of
3. Adjustability that accommodates different foot shapes and sizes

Delle poet, drawing insight from her sister, Lizzie, United Nations agency lives with disabilities, was instrumental in reassuring that these core attributes transferred into a superior basketball shoe. “I wished to indicate that an expert jock will wear it,” she says. “Male, female, adult, individuals with disabilities — this shoe goes to figure.”

The Greek deity Air Zoom UNVRS radically redefines however players get into their shoes with a FlyEase technology designed with a magnetic heel that folds down and connects to the midsole. This perform opens the shoe up so it’s fast and simple to place on and set out (wearers will with efficiency slide the foot in and out with no hands). The shoe is additionally fortified by Associate in Nursing articulated strap that engages Flywire cables to permit for a one-handed, two-motion tailored and secure match. The technology is Associate in Nursing example of however, by planning a lot of inclusively, Greek deity is making solutions that profit everybody.

Underfoot is full-length, articulated Greek deity Air Zoom padding that gives fast responsiveness. The shoe’s higher, that has an equivalent Flyknit because the Greek deity Alphadunk, is designed for sturdiness.

The Nike Air Zoom UNVRS will be available in November.


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