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Cooperate Handbags and Footwear’s’

Cooperate Handbags and Footwear’s’
I prefer to wear this big Red handbag because we need to take our portfolios with us when we go for a job interview. So, I don’t want to carry them on my hand. However, if you don’t have this kind of necessity, it will be more comfortable to wear a small black handbag.

when you’re just walking around the city, you should prefer wearing white things like these models did. I don’t know any color looks more elegant than white!

Choosing correct accessories is also important to look elegant. I choose my small gold hoop earring for this work outfit for winter. In my opinion, they look pretty nice for a job interview or a work outfit, if they are not too big. A watch is a must! I’m wearing a classical watch with gold details and a small ring. And that’s all! Don’t wear lots of accessories if you want to look minimal and elegant.


Although we love to wear comfy and colorful things in daily life, we also need to have some classical clothings in our wardrobes, to wear in this kind of formal situations. Even if you are going to work or a job interview, you can make a black look like this, in peace of mind. That’s why I want to start with this simple but elegant work outfit

This is a very useful handbag because it fits with work styles very nice. It has some gold details on it, which looks very nice with gold earrings and rings.

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