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G-DRAGON’s Nike Air Force 1 “Para-noise”

G-DRAGON’s Nike Air Force 1 “Para-noise”

– G-DRAGON, the Seoul-born hip-hop star, did not continuously have easy accessibility to his favorite sneakers, the Nike Air Force one.

“Ever since I found hip-hop as a child, AF1 has had a which means larger than simply shoes,” says G-DRAGON. “I couldn’t afford them, therefore i’d continuously pass the Nike store and admire them with my eyes and heart solely. For those that beloved hip-hop culture, outsized garments, hats and matching-colored AF1s was the uniform.”

Progressing as a performing artist and maturation into a worldwide development, G-DRAGON has created the Air Force one Associate in Nursing integral a part of his uniform. The Nike Air Force one “Para-noise” reflects this overtly with a singular higher fabrication that options a black painted overlay designed to slowly wear away over time to reveal a private design created by G-DRAGON.

The design conveys a way of optimism, galvanized by the singer-songwriter’s vision of a world wherever the youth area unit unified through creativeness and a free exchange of ideas. For G-DRAGON, art is a vital expression of self that pushes culture forward.

“I was created by a culture derived by folks from the past,” he says.

Additional elaborations embrace a flower decorated on the tongue and removable custom pins within the higher eyelets.

The Nike Air Force one Para-noise launches globally November twenty three.




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