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Kobe Bryant’s Footwear for Mamba Week

the Kobe Footwear for Mamba Week

 the Kobe Footwear for Mamba Week
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Kobe Bryant’s remarkable impact on the game of basketball also applied to footwear design, Throughout his career, Kobe pushed

Nike Basketball to explore the competitive advantages gained through low-profile, highly-responsive design. It was an aspirational

challenge as much as it was a technical one.

“Every game, I write on my shoes, ‘Be Legendary,’ which is what Kobe signed on my shoes back in 2016,” says Phoenix Suns guard

Devin Booker. “He’s had an impact on my life that no one’s ever had, and probably no one ever will have again. He taught me to ask

myself, ‘What am I doing here if I’m not trying to be the best at it?’ That not just a basketball quote. That’s a life quote for me.”

Booker is far from alone in his admiration for Bryant. From Sabrina Ionescu, guard for the New York Liberty: “The beauty of

basketball, for me, is that it’s a sport you can never perfect. What made Kobe great was that he wasn’t scared to try new things,

because that risk of failure is where you grow. Kobe tried to perfect everything about his game, from the way he played to the way he approached the game.”

Commemorating his legacy within Nike Basketball and beyond is a seasonal footwear collection that spans memorable

colorways of the Kobe V Protro, in addition to a limited-edition jersey.


Kobe V Protro 5x Champ

Kobe Footwear for Mamba Week

Kobe Bryant´s commitment to the game on and off the court reflect the Mamba Mantality that drove him to become a five -time

champion and one of the greats athletes of his generation The Kobe V X5 Champ reinterprets the championship – themed jackets

gifted to kobe after his second and third titles . the shoe retains its patented leather finish in purple and black with gold accents, and

the insole features a five star graphic print it releases august 24 in north America

Kobe V Protro X Undefeated What If Pack

Kobe Footwear for Mamba Week


IN jone of 1996, 12 teams passed on Kobe Bryant in the draf ,one pair in this Undefeated two pack collaboration is comprised of a

combination of color from those 12 teams while the other pair inclides colors from the franchise that made the trade symbolizing

the what if ? motivation that drove him to outwork his apponents. both Pairs feature gold accent that reference his carrer

championships. the packreleases august 27 in north America at at undefeated stores

Kobe V Protro Girls EYBL

Kobe Footwear for Mamba Week

Inspired by the mythologival charavter Medusa and her ability to freeze onlookers with a single glace,

the Kobe V Protro Girls EYBL features a green upper, gold accents and scaled detailing . the shoe releases august 29 in north america

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